Get Carter

6.40pm – I SURVIVED! But I could see the lightening coming towards me like in disaster movies! But I’m here and its time to watch Get Carter.

11.05pm – It is a good British film that drags on a bit. I can tell when a film has lasted a little too long because I start wondering when its going to end.

The first shot that we see is great. You have Michael Cane [as Carter] standing, looking out of a floor-to-ceiling window. You know straight away that he is Carter, our main man. We are also introduced to a camera technique that will be used throughout the movie. This technique is when the camera is far away but its zoomed in so much that it looks like the camera is up close. It is a technique that I felt worked great for this movie as it gave the feeling of covalence, like we were watching it all from away.

My other notes were about how there were very few people at Carter’s brother’s funeral indicating that most of his friends weren’t there because they’d stabbed him in the back, there is a card game just to show how rich the characters are, Carter is a manwhore [sorry, pardon the teenage speak] and manages to turn a woman on whilst having phone-sex with another, there are cute kids in a parade and the ending leaves you with a “what the hell?!” kind of feeling.

It’s a shame, it’s a very good, British film but it lasted about half an hour too long even though that would of made the film something like an hour and 20 minutes. I can see why some critics said it was “soulless and nastily erotic” but I see the British beauty in it. Well, maybe not beauty but the Britishness. The accents made me feel at home. And Michael Cane can hold a scene perfectly.

Lot of sex, though. Loooooot of sex and toplessness [I’m just making up words today, aren’t I!]



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  1. This is a very nostalgic film for me partly because I’m old enough to remember the grimey, three-day-week, fuel-shortage-blackouts, flying-pickets, strike-ridden seventies (I’m guessing you may have to ask you mum or maybe gran to explain some of that)& partly because my gran lived near where the film was made. I remember the multi storey car park opening.
    That’s the one he throws Alf Roberts from Coronation Street off & that never fails to amaze me !

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