Before we get started on ‘Get Cartert’…

I’m off to Wallmart to take back two movies that I rented from Redbox [another genius creation that I have discovered here in the USA] which were Year One [my favourite film of the moment] and Julie/Julia, my inspiration for this blog. I’ve rescently found myself lacking inspiration to do this blog. I guess watching 5 bad [in my opinion] movies in a row didn’t help my negative vibes either. But I think with the combination of Julie/Julia and last night’s movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, I’m back in the mood and ready to watch my 21st movie. Wow. I’ve watched 20 movies already?! Doesn’t seem like that at all!

I really feel, now, that this was a great idea! I urge you, who ever you are, to try and watch a film… maybe not everyday but maybe after a long day at school or work and allow yourself to be transported into another world, to escape this harsh reality with a good Western or a comedy or even a French film! It will calm you down, trust me.

Right! Need to get to Wallmart before this thunderstorm hits us! If I don’t blog after this, then I didn’t make the 3 minute drive to Wallmart and you should all avenge me. ^_-


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  1. such bravery against the elements and you made it back in one piece!!

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