Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

I know Pee-Wee is a comedy icon but I really didn’t like this film. And it sucks for me because this is the 5th film in a row that I haven’t liked that much and only wrote 4 1/2 lines of notes!

My notes consisted of this; cool fish tank window in the first scene, such a cool idea. Pee-Wee is clearly supposed to be like a child but he’s the incredibly annoying child [a la Short Round from Indiana Jones] and I know Will Ferrell, whom I love, has done a few characters who kind of have a mind of a child but he does it in a comical way whereas Pee-Wee just makes me want to whack him round the head with a frying pan. Anyways, other notes were that the bike is pretty cool, Francis Buxton’s bath is awesome because its basically a pool, I liked it when it was all dark and Pee-Wee’s eyes were cartoon eyes just floating, the dream scenes feel very Tim Burton with them being weird and all, the kid on the set who screams “I am ALWAYS ready! I have BEEN ready since first call! I AM READY! Roll!” reminded me of my brother when he shouts during a football match and that made me smile, and the movie of the movie looks far better than the movie we just watched.

I’m sorry, I am, I know he’s an icon but he just pissed me off and the whole movie just bored me. Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s movie will stop this pattern of crap films!



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