All The President’s Men

I was bored whilst watching this movie. Unfortunately, I’m a teenager who isn’t interested in politics at all and doesn’t know that much about recent American history. The only good thing I found which was relatively impressive was the speech and sound. The actors have to talk over airplanes and loud office noises which makes the scenes more realistic and like a documentary. The characters also spoke over each other which is also realistic; if you listen in on any conversation in real life, you’ll hear them talking over one another, not waiting for the other to stop speaking like ‘in the movies’.

Oooo, I did like one other thing. When they’re talking to each other through their typing is something that us girls do when we’re talking about stuff we don’t want anyone else to hear but on our mobile/cell phones! It just made me smile.

Er… that’s about it. I regret to say I didn’t enjoy it but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who will/do. My mum does!



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  1. yep I liked this film but we all have different tastes!! Sometimes we have to see what we don’t like to confirm what we do!

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