This is a very cute movie which shines hope on the future of our planet.

For the first half of the movie, there’s hardly any speech and the atmosphere of each scene is by the music. To be honest, the music kind of tells the story. The CGI is beautiful, especially when it shows space. I love space and its always fascinated me so those stunning images of the planets and little galaxies and so on get some extra points off me. I found it very interesting that this film was mainly animation but there was also the occasional real life human. I guess they’re trying to say that the more robots do stuff for us, the less human we become. This film sends a rather powerful message about our future, nature and technology. If we ignore the planet even more, it will just turn into a waste land and if we depend on robots a little too much then we’ll become obese and almost zombie like. There are two humans on the ship in space [where humans now ‘live’ because Earth became inhabitable] who break from being ‘like zombies’ and discover they have a pool!

The film is a big romance story about two robots. Its incredibly adorable once you get over the thought ‘but, they’re robots, that’s just weird’. Wall-E is so in love with Eve and everything he does is for Eve. Its so sweet to watch and made me think of old-fashioned romance when you used to actually give a shit about another human being. Even though its robots, the things the characters go through for one another is very human like and therefore I think the ‘emotions’ they feel are more real to us, the audience.

I probably wouldn’t watch this film again for another year or so but it’s a sweet little film with some beautiful shots of space.


PS: Sorry if this review is a little different, I’m barely conscious as I type this!

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