I don’t think I’ve written more notes on a film yet than no this one! I was one of the late ones to watch this movie. I’d never seen it before since about a month or so ago. Its terrible of me but I just never got round to seeing it! It ended up being one of the first DVDs I bought here in the USA. I think that this is pure comic genius. I suppose the fact that I’m madly in love with Seth Rogen and Michael Cera doesn’t help that either!

I haven’t written so many notes on one film so far in my challenge. I need to stop practically reciting the whole film in these notes. There are just so many great moments in this movie! Lets start with the beginning. The opening credits are awesome. You have Evan [Michael Cera] and Seth [Jonah Hill] and they’re dancing but you can’t actually see them as they’re blocked out in colour like the iPod adverts. You can totally tell its them though. Anyway, their dance moves are so nerdy that its cool which is exactly what this movie is; its so nerdy that its cool. Then it changes into real like and the first conversation we hear is about porn so the audience knows exactly what is in store for them. Actually…now I think about it…the whole film is pretty much about sex. So if that makes you uncomfortable, don’t watch this. At all. Please. You’d probably die from shock. Thing is, they talk so openly about sex that you can’t help but feel a little awkward at first but gradually you get used to it and just roll your eyes and laugh.

The film is all about the losers of a high school and their mission to get drunk and get laid. We know they’re losers from the start because they’re the only people who aren’t invited to a party and are noted to be rarely at any parties. I’d say that the biggest loser is Fogell who we know straight away is the king of losers; no scrawny, four-eyed white boy could say “gangsters, wassup!” and not be a total loser. However, there is something about this pale boy that is so annoying yet we love him for it. We love him even more when he gets a fake I.D. and officially becomes McLovin’ which, I think its safe to say, is now a household name.

We have Seth who has a penis problem; he draws penises on everything. He also has a foul-mouth problem. Now, I don’t mind swearing. To be honest, I think I swear [with my friends] just as much as he does but it’s the sexual things that make you go “did he just say that?! He did! He did just say that! Oh my God that’s gross yet awesome!’ He’s incredibly selfish and doesn’t give a toss when McLovin’ supposedly ‘gets caught’ by the police. That part in the story is a twist that I think was very well written. You need to get these guys to separate, so have Seth and Evan [Cera] think that McLovin’ [I’m not going to call him Fogell, he’s McLovin’] has been arrested but is in fact a witness to a crime that Evan and Seth didn’t see because they were chasing a girl down the street who had big breasts. Genius. Anyway, Seth is desperate to get laid and says a fantastic line that I think a few guys probably do think; “You know when you hear girls say ‘Ah man, I was so shit-faced last night, I shouldn’t have fucked that guy?’ We could be that mistake!” Another moment that I’d like to mention is the period-blood scene. Its so funny that it has to be true and I think I heard on the [DVD] commentary that it is a true story. I want to feel sorry for Seth for getting period-blood on his leg but I just find myself going “HA! NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS!”

Evan is so adorable and the classic nice guy that most girls want to meet and is adorable and is Michael Cera and I love Michael Cera so Evan is awesome. That’s all I can really say. To be honest, I hardly wrote any notes about Evan. Which I guess is a kind of bad thing. But I love him so its not bad. Oh, and he sings beautifully…and has dance moves that would make John Travolta blush…

Before I move onto the two characters that make this movie so damn awesome, I want to do one paragraph on something technical. Don’t worry, it won’t be as technical as Requiem for a Dream. There’s one clip that I think wouldn’t be as funny if it weren’t for the editing. Evan and Seth are getting off the bus and walking towards McLovin’. They’re in slow motion and because of the music, they look a little bit cool. Then we see McLovin’ who is also walking towards them and is wearing this hideous brown, camel-skin-esk vest. Another cut to Seth and Evan and they have the looks on the faces of “what the hell” and Seth actually says “what the fuck”. We don’t hear Seth saying it but we see his mouth make the movements and you can’t really mistake what the lips are saying for anything else. It doesn’t sound as funny in words but it really is on screen. Its amazing what a little slow-motion can do to a scene.

Now. Onto the two coolest policemen you will ever see. I can’t actually remember the cops names so I just wrote them down as COP!Seth and COP!Bill. These cops are either really good at playing dumb cops so they can get out of doing their job or they are actually that dumb. They’re so un-police-like that you love them for it. They take complete advantage of being a cop in a way that I think a few other people would too. They run red lights, they drink and drive, they hand a gun to a minor, they shoot things like a STOP sign, and all other types of stuff! They have a test with the breathalyzer to see who’s more hammered [McLovin’ wins!] which is just hilarious. Then there’s another where they’re about to have a shoot-off, McLovin’ is about to shoot when they hear sirens and COP!Seth and COP!Bill freak out screaming “SHIT! IT’S THE COPS!” and driving away! it’s a classic joke that I don’t think will ever stop being funny. Oooo and there’s another [sorry, this is becoming a very informal review but whatever, this film makes me happy and hyper] where COP!Seth and COP!Bill are shining lights in each other’s eyes as they pretend they’re lightsabers [who hasn’t done that!] and COP!Bill hits Seth with his car and COP!Seth is like “I can’t believe this is happening again”! These two characters are definitely in my top 5 list of comical characters, up there with the people from Anchorman and the brother from The Hangover.

Its just a movie of pure nerdy awesomeness. It’s a thousand times better than American Pie and I’m not saying that because I love Michael Cera or Seth Rogen. If you haven’t seen this, see it. If you have, see it again.

Oh, and COP!Seth has a porn-‘tash.

Radio: “OH MY GOD, WE NEED BACK UP, THERE‘S SO MUCH BLOOD!” COP!Bill: *turns radio off* “I bet you play the whole ‘mysterious guy’…”




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  1. I love this film too & I’m about 40 years off it’s demographic – it brings back such happy memories !
    You can get T shirts that say “I’m McLovin'”
    I want one that says “I was McLovin'”

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