M. Hulot’s Holiday

Well, that was the longest hour and 27minutes of my life. This is going to be a short review because I can only think of one good thing about this film, M. Hulot’s Holiday.

It’s a film about a man Hulot and a group of other vacationers on holiday at the seaside and staying in the same hotel. A film with such a simple storyline and very familiar scenery has to be done right. Its either got to be incredibly funny, very romantic or filled with suspense. In my honest opinion, this film does nothing. Hulot accidentally hits a few people, angers a horse and sets off fireworks. Its nothing funny and just looks like a very poor attempt at humor. Though, I suppose, at the time it was the hight of comedy. I can imagine my nana liking this film [she likes a good slapstick and knock knock joke]. I guess I’m just too used to the works of Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller to find this even remotely funny.

It may be a French film but there’s hardly any speaking so that’s ok for those who don’t like subtitles. That’s all I really have to say about that.

There was one scene that I really liked and even watched a second time. A little boy, no older than, gets two small ice cream cones filled with ice cream and starts to walk up the stone steps up to the hotel. He’s sooo adorable! He keeps his arms wide apart, is very slow and cautious while walking up the steps and is always looking from the steps to the left ice cream to the right ice cream and back to the stairs. Its just so cute to watch! Then, he gets to the door and you think that the only way he can open the door is to use one of the hands with the ice cream. The little boy reaches for the handle, turns it and therefore turning the ice cream cone at a 45°C. You cringe as you think the ice cream is going to fall, after everything the little boy went through to get to the top of the stairs. But alas, it’s the only time that slapstick isn’t used! The little boy manages to keep the ice cream in the cone! He walks to his brother or friend, hands him the other ice cream and they sit and eat. If you think little kids are adorable, you’ll love that scene.

I wouldn’t advice you to watch this film, not even for the scene with the little boy, unless you’re an absolute lover of slapstick. And I mean a lover, not just “yeah, its alright”, you need to be “I love slapstick, there’s no other comedy like it”. Seriously. If you don’t like slapstick that much and try to watch this, you may go mad. Or fall asleep. Which ever comes first.



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  1. you cannot love them all!

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