Groundhog Day

This has been called one of those classic comedy films. And I can see why. The storyline is unique, well thought-out and just poised for comedy. But Groudhog Day manages to combine a lot of humor with some hard-hitting and borderline-depressing stuff! Obviously, its all in quantities you can enjoy.

I’ve never seen this film before but I’ve seen the poster a few times. This is a perfect example of never to judge a book by it’s cover. The poster looks like a really bad rom-com which is probably why I never had the urge to watch it before. I urge you, who ever you are, to watch this film wrapped up in a blanket or by a fire and just enjoy!

I was worried about how the déjà vu would be done through editing after I saw the ‘first’ day. The characters, other than Phil [Bill Murray], Rita [Annie MacDowell] and Larry [Chris Elliott], are wonderfully annoying but I couldn’t watch them do the exact say thing through out the whole film. Thankfully, as the ‘days’ progress, they cut parts of the day out so the audience doesn’t get too bored or want to throw a lamp at the screen. Phil’s reaction’s to the repeated days is very realistic and I can relate to it as I feel that its exactly what I would do. At first, you’d be freaked out but slowly you’d begin to embrace it and realize how much stuff you can do and get away with because tomorrow doesn’t come! You could drive on the train tracks [“I‘m betting he‘s going to swerve first“], steal money, anything! I particularly love it when Phil just eats anything he wants. He has this table that is groaning under the weight of cakes, doughnuts, bacon, milkshakes, ANYTHING! How amazing would that be to eat whatever you want and never gain weight! For a teenage girl, that’s a bloody dream come true there! When Phil shoves an entire piece of cake into his mouth, I’m reminded of my brother who does the same thing and I think you sisters out there know what I mean!

However, this happiness can not last and this film is excellent because it shows the different emotional stages that one would go through. The depression, at first, seems slightly comical but then it hits you how terrible it would be to live the same day over and over and never have a future and you’re just stuck. You see Phil try to kill himself countless times and you’re no longer laughing. You don’t want to laugh. You want to run into the screen and hug Phil and promise him it’ll all work out. There is also the painful fact about the homeless man. I won’t say what it is but my eyes welled up with tears and the chin was wobbling. It seems odd to have scenes of serious depression in a comedy but it works, trust me, it works.

This film could of gone wrong if the pacing was wrong. Thank goodness this film got it right! If they’d spent a little more time with the build-up to the Groundhog Day déjà vu then I would of become very bored and probably dislike the rest of the movie. Every ‘day’ is shown in perfect proportion, especially when Phil is trying to get it right with Rita and learning from his mistakes. We just want to see him learn, we don’t want to see him meet Ted again or do the report.

Then, finally, the film ends and because of everything he’s gone through [and feel you’ve gone through with him], the audience is so happy and relieved even though we kind of already knew th ending. That’s what makes this a good film. That, and Phil punching Ned.



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  1. This is one of my favourite films and as a measure of how good it is, dispite having seen it dozens of times, I’ve only just realised that there is never ANY attempt to explain why this day is repeating !
    What is more I don’t care & I usually do nitpick over little things like that.
    It’s just such fun to watch that it never crossed my mind how really weird the whole story is.

    Personaly I would love to repeat one day for a couple of months.
    I’ve always felt that the worst thing about life is there’s not enough time for rehearsals – which is why I’m always getting my lines wrong.

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